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Cheshire College Hospitality learners show flair at Welsh National Culinary Awards

March 25, 2022

Cheshire College Hospitality learners show flair at Welsh National Culinary Awards

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Hospitality learners at Cheshire College – South & West brought home the gold along with many other accolades following their participation in the Welsh National Culinary Awards in February. 

The Welsh National Culinary Awards stem from a partnership of Professional Chefs and Caterers.  They provide people with the opportunity to demonstrate their passion, flair and culinary skills across the UK and within Wales. 

Learners based across the College’s Crewe and Ellesmere Port Campuses were tasked with creating a starter, main and dessert dish whilst being judged on the quality of food, their restaurant skills and food hygiene. 

The College was named the ‘Best College’ at the event, collectively learner skillset and talent were recognised within an astounding 29 awards, including 3 gold, 9 silver and 10 bronze awards as well as 5 merits and 2 Best in Class recognitions. 

Cheshire College learner and the recipient of three awards, Leah Castleton, said: “It was amazing to win the awards and prove myself against my peers.”  

Andrea Huby, Assistant Director for Hair, Beauty and Hospitality, said: “It’s been fantastic to see our Hospitality learners gain recognition at such a highly esteemed competition. This will do wonders for their confidence and I’m looking forward to seeing how they use their skillset and newfound achievements when planning ahead for their future.”  

The full list of awards won at this year’s Welsh National Culinary Awards by Cheshire College – South & West learners are as follows: 

Cameron Yearn

  • Silver for chicken cut sauté 
  • Merit for Welsh lamb
  • Silver for main course flambé
  • Bronze for Welsh beef
  • Awarded excellent in hygiene

Leah Castleton

  • Silver for main course flambé
  • Silver for Restaurant Skills
  • Bronze for dessert flambé

Ivan Barzev

  • Silver in chicken cut sauté butchery
  • Merit for Welsh lamb
  • Silver Welsh beef

Molly Warburton

  • Gold for cupcakes
  • Awarded Best in Class

Ashleigh Sproston

  • Merit for cupcakes

James Antrobus

  • Bronze in Restaurant Skills

Lani Cohen

  • Bronze in Restaurant Skills

Arthur Penny

  • Bronze in Restaurant Skills

Daisy Poole

  • Gold in modern cold dessert
  • Awarded Best in Class

Olivia James

  • Bronze for fruit cuts
  • Gold for vegetable cuts, mash potato piping and soup making

Freja Dobson

  • Bronze for fruit cuts
  • Silver for vegetable cuts, mash potato piping and soup making

Ozan Kosemur

  • Bronze for fruit cuts
  • Bronze for vegetable cuts, mash potato piping and soup making

Amanda Salters

  • Bronze, Young Risotto Chef
  • Bronze for fruit cuts

Honey Hawkins

  • Merit for fruit cuts

Nathan Price

  • Merit for Spanish inspired dish

Joseph Pocock

  • Bronze for Welsh lamb

Aimee Maguire

  • Silver for Restaurant Skills

Paige Williams-McKay

  • Silver for Restaurant Skills

If you are interested in Hospitality and Catering courses available at Cheshire College – South & West, or would like more information on the courses available, visit or call 01270 654654. 

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