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Exciting Enhancements at Cheshire College Sees Learning Extended Across The Classroom

August 17, 2021

Exciting Enhancements at Cheshire College Sees Learning Extended Across The Classroom

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The use of digital technology at Cheshire College has been pivotal to learner success during the past academic year and to further support this, the College has made significant investments in the availability of software and equipment for learners to enhance their learning on Campus and at home.  

The way in which learners are now taught at Cheshire’s largest Further Education College is not constrained to the four walls of their classroom. It has been extended across the College’s three Campuses in Crewe, Ellesmere Port and Chester, incorporating as much technology as possible to engage learners regardless of their study programme and support them in reaching their full potential. 

The innovations introduced have seen lecturers and tutors utilising a suite of interactive programmes and applications for learners to participate in live quizzes, polls and video responses using personal or College-owned smart phones and tablets.  

To support staff and learners with the new technology introduced and ensure they are able to use it efficiently and effectively to reap the full rewards, Cheshire College have also hired Lead Digital Innovator, Shane Guildford. As a current Lecturer in Hospitality at Cheshire College, Shane has been seconded to his new role as part of the College’s Quality Team. 

Commenting on the exciting enhancements being made, Shane said: “The use of technology will have real impact within vocational areas in particular, as the industry specific innovations keep our learners engaged and increase their digital skills and literacy in a fast paced and ever evolving digital age.  

“Using this technology effectively will enable learning to take place outside of the classroom and it’s vital that we continue to keep our learners, staff and stakeholders moving forward by engaging with, and implementing, new innovative teaching, learning, assessment and feedback strategies and applications.” 

As well as the enhancements being made for staff and learners, the College is also on a mission to support the community with their new five-year project, ‘The Digital Hub’. Designed specifically to boost digital skills, enhance career pathways and develop confidence, The Digital Hub project is set to benefit further-education learners, schoolchildren, businesses and the wider community with increased access to technology.  

Over the five-years, it is expected that over 50,000 learners will benefit from the project which comprises of four main strands:  

  • Digital Doorstep: delivering skills and career pathways in additive manufacturing and Virtual and Augmented Reality through the use of portable, entry level equipment 
  • Project 4.0: focusing on digital skills in the workplace with an emphasis on improving Advanced Manufacturing Skills  
  • Stream: facilitating access to technology within community organisations to raise awareness and develop confidence in digital applications  
  • ACT: driving collaboration between colleges and employers to develop, commercialise and promote digital technologies and skills training for construction, nuclear and allied industries  

If you would like to know more about studying at Cheshire College visit To find out more information about The Digital Hub email

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